ADAPT OR DIE! Or maybe just shift things around a bit...

No need to be Dramatic, okay, but still...


Hmmm, it might be time for a shift.

Okay, so one thing on here I'm trying to do is tell you a story but also show you a world. That world is what haunts me at all times, making my head swirl, inspiring me, and exhausting me, driving all my actions to get to you ultimately because it's SO MUCH FUN.

That said, I don't do these blogs, like Substack or Patreon, for hits or money. I mean, it's nice, but it's not the point. I want to have an audience I can bounce ideas off of and have a conversation with. It's my idea of community around an artist and to have a way to share.

The blog gets hits, and people are watching but not getting any comment or feedback, which is fine, and I don't blame you, the reader. I blame me, and maybe I need to up the stakes!

That's why I want to change this into the FWACATA ANTHOLOGY Project, where some of the titles I'm working on, like SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS, MEATHOOK, WERE-TANK, REZ, and more are to have a home here too. We are going to work them out here live at times, in front of you all.

Ultimately the FWACATA ANTHOLOGY project was a personal version of my work in a "Dark Horse Presents," "Marvel Comics," "Pulp Magazine" (the anime one from the '90s), "Shonen Jump," "Evan Dorkins DORK" sort of style. It would be made to show off some of the ideas I have in a microform, so later to develop into Macro form over a series of Quarterly issues! And in the end, all these short stories would become collections of story arcs together too.

MANSLAUGHTER: MAN'S RUIN would be part of all that.

Here is what I have:

My Miami Superhero Dramedy that I have been pining over for years since I first did the series as VIGIL on Now I’m bringing it into the now and working on what seems to be a QUE PASA USA meets VENTURE BROS meets JUUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED sort of thing. This will exist along side other titles in the same world but when they cross you’ll know.

will continue on it’s route, but be developed alongside the other titles

The short is finished now I just need to put together the res todf the story. This will be developed later down the line, as the pitch short is already done and can be seen here! From here i’ll decide how I go forward. It’s also the first series I’m doing in color.

I have various little one shots and short I want try here, and this might be the fertile ground I need to try it out. this can range form small gags to full one shot stories like CUPID, WERE-TANK, and more!

So what happens to the VARIANTS I was offering? Nothing it will still be there, I will just make it the FWACATA ANTHOLOGY version cover!

Now you get more FWCATA that ever!

So that’s the plan for now. I have a heap of work today to finish for the shop for the end of the month and now have to move forward on it, but next week, I will post some new scenes from all the comics!



Let me know what you guys think and know if there is anything that you want to see more of! More coming soon!

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