It's all a blur...

I am so out of Convention shape!

Breath Motherfucker…. BREEEEEEATH.

One trick to keep in mind, that no matter how deep in the shit you are, whatever is in front of you, break it down, swallow hard and get to it. Lamenting about it does nothing but build more door for you to not go through.

So, I have been STUPID BUSY, more so than usual lately, thanks to the shop, FLORIDA SUPERCON, and the regular hubub of life. Its eyes open, Hit and quit it. Rip and dip. Working 15 hours a day easily and stopping to sleep. DOing the work. You want to see something you have to do something. Basic laws of thermodynamics.

this post is also late.


Okay, progress:
Working out 8-10 page starter SHORT for MANSLAUGHTER that will act as intro to the books and as an advert going forward. These need to be fucking explosive so I’m trying to figure how they will go what is in and what is out. This isn’t hard, jsut trying not to write some hacky shit, which is a bitch.

Also researching a bit more to get legends and tech right, so looking into robotics and occult lore, mostly about the Golem myth, Pinocchio in various cultures, and what are the limits of motion and workings for machinery. It’s not to get it right so much as get it plausible enough to get your mind going.

Also trying to finalize all the sex parts and see where I can go with it and to what level. When I’m throwing FAUST around and many other comics, I know it can get pretty heated, to say the least. SO I’md elving into those books and seeing how OUTLAW is OUTLAW. It’s like that Seindfeld joke about Maximum Strength Tylenol, “Just find out what could kill me, and back off a little bit”

Also trying to work the angle where it’s not rapey as hell but also not some Showtime after Dark bullshit sex stuff. Intensity without vulgarity, Hotness not lameness.

We will try, at least.

Other than that I was so busy not much has happened. I have some more ideas I’m fleshing out and hope to get the final tidbits down. Mostly this outline and then get into the actual script. I’m going for a hardcore script jsut to not give myself too much wiggle room to draw myself into a corner, so I will post that and some research as it goes. Maybe for next MOND-DAZE? Sorry for not posting this week with it, but like I said, we were absolutely wrecked fromx supercon, but check out some pictures over at my blog from the show!

Also I have some coverage on my podcast if you want to check it out:

Okay I’m out! See you MONDAY!