MON-DAZE 003 Labor day edition

Yeah, while you're kicking your feet up...

…I’m making the comics!

Sketching is

SKetching is my thing. it’s where I get everything done, all the ideas, all my emotions, everything. I go a day without sketching and I get an itch that is horrible. I get depressed, angry, irritable… at least more so than usual.

Even in my workday, I do everything in my sketchbook since it’ always handy, so when I’m running the GOBLINS HEIST, I also write and draw notes in there. It’s proven great, because I have notes for everything that comes in and out of the store.

So one of the comics I love to read ( so should you) is Benjamin Marra's WHAT WE MEAN BY YESTERDAY and it's almost a stream of conscious comic-book making and being made for Instagram. To me, it's one of those honest efforts to making comics and so entertaining, that it inspired me to do my own. Hence the notebook above. 

I'm nowhere near posting yet, I'm hoping to have it all ready to go for January of 2022 and run it off my FWACATA account that year throughout, and then encapsulating it here, but did want to give a sneak peek to all those who prowl my Patreon (CLICK THE LINK TO SEEE MORE IMAGE ON THIS PROJECT!)

Basically, it's just slapping down the story as it comes. I have an outline and a definite end, but the biggest thing Is I'm not really concerned with page counts, or page limits or print, or even drawing so much as conveying a story to the audience as clear and concise as possible. 


This specific range is going to run through the world of THE MAGIC CITY, which VIGIL which already houses MANSLAUGHTER and MEATHOOK but also this series which give itself some history into that world too. It's going to be fun because it would be extra backup work and story for anyone following the series, free and online, and helps me get a lot of these fucking ideas out of my head and on paper. 

I have a good 20 page done, but hope to have about 100 done by end of November and then get into making 52 episodes for Instagram and on here. This alongside next year's anthology and Man's Ruin will be a busy year of comics for me.

I'm so excited!


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Here is a SNEAK PEEK:

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