Getting this thing off the ground might be the death of me...

Then again I say that about every project!

So working out some scheduling to keep this going:

So SUNDAY FUNDAYS is for and the blog, you can check out my week to week meanderings on there where I share links and ideas on there, Most of the time I treat it as a sketchbook/journal of what I'm doing just so I can see my progress or find some obscure bit of making while I'm working.

MONDAYS are for MON-DAZE, similar to SUNDAY FUNDAY but for you, the SUBSTACK audience, as well as THURSDAYS, will be the SUBSTACK and links but mostly on the work os MANSLAUGHTER the graphic novel one-shot I'm working on, and everything else. I have been thinking of changing that up a bit. I may take the FWACATA anthology on to here and get that rolling. Thinking about it. TWO birds one stone sort of thing.

TUESDAYS will be for the Patrons on PATREON, and getting them the inside scoop on projects and upcoming work plus behind the scene art pieces. It will be open to the public to get more in. SATURDAYS will occasionally have inside scoops into comics I'm making and more, I hope to start doing some Video work for it, exclusive for those guys at first and then a wider audience. I’m actually getting into the Kitbashing I’m doing and what could be a plan for it into comics. Yep, I’m fucking stupid.

WEDNESDAYS is for the FWACATA PODCAST, which I'm going to be more adamant about doing. It's been hard because of the schedule, but so many times I have these great conversations and bump into the coolest people I just want to capture them. I want to do more work one on one with folks and get some real shit up. When It’ mediocre as it was last week, I just don’t post.

THURSDAY is SUBSTACK for the paid crowd and insights on here.

FRIDAY is a wild card I might be working on some stuff on here, or substack, or wherever but mostly post like mad on my IG and then get out.

SATURDAY is sacred to me, as I go be a human being and enjoy life, before going back to superhero form. Because Bruce Wayne is the Mask, not the other way around...

So that seems to be the breakdown for the week. I don't if I'm telling you or telling myself to get my shit together. So full plate, I might be doing a post on a sketchbook I just finished, so maybe a sketchbook tour later in October. Oh yeah, speaking of OCTOBER:

INKTOBER 2021! This shit again? Yeah, why not!

So I'm planning to hit this heavy with its own sketchbook and its own inks and such, all will be posted on Instagram and maybe highlighted here. Follow to catch them all! 

Alright enough talking shit, BE GOOD.