Another Monday, and sit here asking Why did we descend from the trees?

What asshole in our species told us it was good to come down and learn to lie to each other and eat bacon? We were so happy up there with all our junk hanging out, swing from tree to tree, without a care in the world. Now, look at us! I stuck somewhere between Crying over tik-tok and Total Nuclear Annihilation.


Mondays, amirite?

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Okay, so hitting the ground the running then:

If you hit up Yesterday's SUNDAY FUNDAY, you’ll find some excellent links, including my interview with Rodney Barnes from Killadelphia and also you get see some INKTOBER action happening on my IG, like so:


If you want to know more ebaout these characters hit up my IG and you’ll find how I’m making them into the MAGIC CITY universe.

SPeaking of which, I’m banging out some las minute details and then getting to pencils and ink some pages, while Lettering. I hope to either run a screen capture video for you guys or just a time lapse, but if enough of you chime in I would going live on Youtube or Twitch for your guys, if you, we can hang and talk shit while I draw comics.

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Other than that, I’m having a time and a half putting this all together. It’ sbeen fun to mess with the world I wanted and finding new corners. Hope you guys dig it!

I’m off, so much to kick ass, and so little ass to KICK!