Time to set the stage!

Alright,, so I’m already starting to put together some of the anthologies; some stuff is done like STDEMON (read it here if you subscribe) but also lettering various shorts and planning to go forward on some other stuff.



So working on the outline,, I came about getting something together that hits hard, burns slow and sound, and ends with you wanting more. These were the three points I wanted to shoot.

It’s something I want to E X P L O D E.
Notice what I did there; those who know will know. I want it to grab people by the throat. This would also be the trailer/Opener I could use to show people the comic and get into it. This opening will be the beginning of the Anthology too, and it needs to eat people’s faces. It’s incredible how many design notes I have for something I haven’t drawn. But it’s there.

That is there. I have all the meat there, ready for it.

Is there an end?

The end is an odd thing, as there is one, but is it ever truly? Being part of the MAGIC CITY world, I know that it, in of itself,, will change as it goes, and MANSLUGHTERS story will do that, to everything. It sees how that fits and how it will go into the future that I have to decide.

Oooh, comics are fun.

I do have some ideas in the future for the covers, inspired by Maxfield Parrish’s 1926 painting “Stars,” which Brandon Graham posted, and made me realize! Moebius did some amazing covers (uh-duh) but neer made that connection of these by him and other like Milo Manara and Brandon himself.

Now to work some Manslaughter on to this! IDEAS. Again I have to start lavishing some pages before I start thinking about covers and such.


Intro to the MAGIC CITY and to one of my favorite characters ever! I have two shorts that i jsut need to letter. I have to say I do lettering for a living, and it’s one of thos ething I hate the msot to do. I know I know, wtf Juan, but yeah, I jsut get tot hat point and I’m jsut pulling teeth to do lettering. Still I have to jsut sit down and bang these out, hopefully this weekend.


I’m thinking of running the shorts as the glue for the MAGIC CITY world through out the anthology sort of connecting odd pieces as we go. I’m working on the next tone which will piece together after into one larger story. I’m thinking in the vein of the Wolverine limited series by Frank Miller. I’m channeling that.


A Million Lives an HOUR! A while back I did the first issue with an amazing team of artist with me at the helm as a writer. I was truly a great experience and something I always dug. this bore fruit, and the first issue of REZ happened. Unfortunately soon after, I had some personal tragedies happen, and had to stop working on the book, and well, even comics for a while.

But that was another life.

REZ never left me, and I always had it in me to keep doing it and getting it out there. I had stories not only of REZ but for the whole cast and arcs I really wanted to get into.

I have the first NEW book done. Again I just got to polish and letter that bastard. I also want to serialize it into the FWACATA anthology form here on out. Get the series to run through all of this. He’s the Columbo/John Constantine/Kolchak we have been needing, and will walk the street of the MAGIC CITY for all of us.

Every slow aching step makes this project more and more fun and I feel like I have a better grasp of getting my comics out more than ever. It’s form here going into 2022 that iwll be the true test, or better said, Adventure! It’s gonna be badass.

Oh and come FRIDAY, I will have REZ #1 available on my Patreon for you to read just by being a 1 dollar subscriber! Plus, if you want to read other comics I’ve made hit up WEBLINE for the first 5 issues of ZOMBIE YEARS is there for you to read!